The Workshop finished without any problems. Thanks to everyone!

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Dates & Venue

  Dates: Sep 9th (Mon) - 15th (Sun)
  Venue: Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material
       and Life Science, Faculty of Advanced Life Science,
       Hokkaido University (in Sapporo, Hokkaido)


This workshop is aimed to master the method of bio-imaging mainly with fluorescence microscope. Lecture and laboratory work are provided, and they are about the principle and methodology of fluorescence correlation microscope (FCS) in order to analyze the dynamics of biomolecule inside living cells. At laboratory work, you can actually use the most advanced fluorescence microscope and learn how to use it and obtain and analyze the image data.


Main contents will be Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometric Apparatus (FCS, FCCS) of a solution and intracellular molecule after moving.

1. Workshop officially is separated 3 parts.
・Lecture part “The Life Science Special Lecture III” at morning session on Sept 9th (Mon) – 12th (Thu) and 15th(Sun)
・Worshop part “Practical bioimaging workshop” at afternoon session on Sept 9th (Mon) – 12th (Thu) and 15th(Sun)
・Exercise on Imaging correlation method on Sept 13th (Fri) to 15th (Sun)

2. Content Information is also on the webpage below.