MEXT Scholarship: IGP Special Quota

CLOSED: Application for the MEXT scholarship: IGP special quota for the enrollment in October 2024 is Open NOW!!! We're waiting for your challenge!
(updated on Dec 8, 2023)

Application Procedure

If you wish to apply for the MEXT Scholarship (IGP Special Quota), go to the laboratory list to determine which lab is the best fit for you first. Then, contact the directors directly to get information about application procedures. Early action is highly recommended!
Laboratories in the Program

FYI, the MEXT Scholarship; IGP Special Quota for master's course is only available for the Biosystems Science Course, Graduate School of Life Science.

Application step (tentative)

  1. 1. Contact prospective supervisors to discuss your suitability for this scholarship by November 30, 2023.
  2. 2. Obtain a permission to enroll in the laboratory (Laboratory Screening)
  3. 3. Submit application documents to the supervisor
  4. 4. Your supervisor submit documents to the IGP office by Dececmber 27, 2023
  5. [Documents you will submit]
    *Please ask your prospective supervisor for the details and obtain template form files.
    *It's highly recommended to prepare official documents that take time to issue as early as possible.
    - Application form Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship
    - Field of study and study program
    - Recommendation letter
    - Photocopy of valid passport
    - Official Transcript issued by the last academic institution previously attended
    - Additional info confirmation sheet
    - Certificate of graduation (or expected graduation) or diploma
    - Objective data that indicate that the applicant's academic excellence
    - Summary of master's degree thesis (or undergraduate research)
    - Objective documents that indicate the applicant's English proficiency

  6. 5. Documents screening of each course.
  7. 6. Final screening by the IGP committee.
  8. 7. Students who passed the final screening will be recommended to the MEXT (Japanese government) in March.


Brochure for the enrollment in October 2024 is available here.
"MEXT Scholarship (IGP special quota): Brochure" available as pdf. PDF

IGP first step form

If you are willing to apply for the program, you can directly contact the prospective supervisor with "IGP first step form."
"IGP first step form" Word


You are not eligible for the MEXT scholarship if any of the following criteria apply. You must decline the awarded scholarship if an ineligibility is found after scholarship approval:
i) Active service members or civilian employees of foreign armed forces;
ii) Those who cannot arrive in Japan by the date designated by Japanese government (MEXT) or their host universities;
iii) Those who have ever received any of Japanese government (MEXT) scholarships in the past, including ones who declined after arrival in Japan.
iv) Those who have applied for another MEXT scholarship for 2024 fiscal year (e.g. Teacher Training) aside from this scholarship;
vi) Those who are to be granted scholarship by agencies other than Japanese Government(MEXT), including their home country government agencies, during this scholarship grant period.
vii) A prospective graduate who cannot meet academic qualifications and other criteria by a designated date;
viii) A dual citizen who cannot prove renunciation of his/her Japanese citizenship by the time of arrival in Japan;
ix) Those who are intending to engage in research work outside Japan, e.g., internship, field work etc., or planning to take leave of absence at the point of application.
x) The Doctoral Degree Holders who has no intention to take a degree.