About Program

About Program

Hokkaido University's Graduate School of Life Science established a new international graduate program called the "Training Program for Global Innovators in Life Sciences (IGP)" in 2018, following to the "Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences (IGP)" in 2013.
With the aim to form the world's most prestigious education and research center for the life sciences, the IGP is based on networks and collaborations among top-level universities, mainly with those in the Asia, and recruits excellent international students interested in the life sciences. Both Japanese and international students study under the same curriculum to become leaders with a global perspective. From enrollment to graduation, English is the main language used throughout the program.

Students eligible for this program are limited to those who hope to undertake the Transdisciplinary Life Science Course, Biosystems Science Course, or Division of Soft Matter with the Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University in Sapporo, JAPAN.

Program Brochure

More details about our program can be found in "Program Brochure" PDF

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If you are willing to apply for the program, you can directly contact the prospective supervisor with "IGP first step form" Word

Frequently Asked Questions

"Frequently Asked Questions" PDF is for general reference only. Please be noted that responses from each professor may vary.

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