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Application for the MEXT Scholarship (enroll in October 2024) is open.

(posted on June 20th, 2023)


The “MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Scholarship: IGP special quota” application for admission in 2024 fall semester is now OPEN!

Go to the details→  MEXT Scholarship: IGP Special Quota


If you wish to apply for this scholarship, first find a laboratory that matches your research goals and contact the directors directly as soon as possible to get further information about application schedule, procedures, and documents.  You can check laboratories which belongs to our program from the websites.


After the discussion about the suitability for this scholarship and a professor agrees to sponsor a student, application documents should be submitted to the supervisor, who will be subsequently submit them to the IGP administration office by December 27, 2023.