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Eligible students for this program are limited to those who hope to study at

MEXT Scholarship: IGP Special Quota

Application for 2019 (enroll in October 2020) is open from the end of May 2019.

[Application step]
1. Contact prospective supervisors to discuss your suitability for this scholarship.
2. After a professor agrees to sponsor you, application documents should be submitted to the supervisor.
3. Documents screening of each course around November.
4. Final screening by the IGP committee around December 2019.
5. Students who passed the final screening will be recommended to the MEXT (Japanese government) in March 2020.
6. The official notification on decision of selection from MEXT around June 2020.

If you wish to apply for the MEXT Scholarship (IGP Special Quota), go to the laboratory list to determine which lab is the best fit for you first. Then, contact the directors directly to get information about application procedures.
Laboratories in the Program


"MEXT Scholarship (IGP special quota): Brochure" available as pdf. PDF

IGP first step form

If you are willing to apply for the program, you can directly contact the prospective supervisor with "IGP first step form."
"IGP first step form" Word


You are not eligible for the MEXT scholarship if any of the following criteria apply:
i) Active service members or civilian employees of foreign armed forces;
ii) Those who cannot arrive in Japan by the date designated by Japanese government (MEXT);
iii) Where an applicant had received any of Japanese government (MEXT) scholarships in the past, and has yet to have teaching or research experience for three years or more between the completion of the previous scholarship program and the selection of this scholarship. However, this does not apply to the applications to this scholarship (for research students) from the past scholarship recipients of Japanese Studies, Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program for the Students in Science and Engineering Departments or Young Leaders' Program who later returned to and graduated from the universities in their home countries;
iv) Those who have applied for another MEXT scholarship (e.g. Teacher Training) aside from this scholarship;
v) Where an applicant who has already been enrolled at a Japanese university with a Student residence status at the time of application, or an applicant is or will be enrolled at a Japanese university as a self-funded overseas student between the time of application for the scholarship and the start of the scholarship payment period. This however does not apply to the self-funded overseas students enrolled in an educational institute in Japan at the time of application who will complete their current program and return to their home country before the scholarship payment period starts;
vi) An applicant who has scholarship already granted before arrival in Japan either by the Japanese government (MEXT) or the organizations other than MEXT or government agencies of applicant's home country.
vii) A prospective graduate who cannot meet academic qualifications and other criteria by a designated date;
viii) A dual citizen who cannot prove renunciation of his/her Japanese citizenship by the time of arrival in Japan;
ix) An applicant who keeps his/her wish to do fieldwork or internship outside Japan from the time of application.