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The report of the 8th-ILSS from the Chairperson

(posted on December 15th, 2022)

The 8th international Life Science Symposium was held on November 4 (Fri.) at the Hokkaido University Conference Hall. The symposium was planned and organized by the doctoral students of Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University with the cooperation of the International Graduate Program (IGP). As in previous years, this symposium aimed to bring together young researchers from various backgrounds not only to synergistically develop their own research to the top level, but also to acquire world-class communication and presentation skills.


There were about 140 participants including international students and newly invited international students. This year, we were privileged to have Associate Prof. Rui Kamada from Hokkaido University as the invited speaker for her lecture on “transcriptional memory in the interferon pathway: a novel mechanism of trained innate immunity”. In addition to her research work, based on her own extensive overseas experience, she also offered advice for young researchers to be active in the international area in the future. The participants were able to learn her research findings and learn the ropes for a successful career.


After the symposium, a reception was held to welcome the new IGP students who admitted in October this year and to award the prizes for the best oral and poster presentations in order to value their research progress and encourage them to keep doing their best in the future. The Best Presentation Award was given to four students, Mitsuki Shibagaki, Syeda Rubaiya Nasrin, and Lareno Villones Jr. Lopez from among 12 oral presenters, and Yuki Inoue from among 31 poster presenters.


The ILSS promises to be a perfect opportunity and preparatory ground for young researchers to present their research and to develop network and skills essential for the future. I therefore encourage young researchers to avail themselves of this great opportunity to participate actively in subsequent symposia.


I would like to thank all the organizers (IGP doctoral students) for the good job, the young researchers for their active participation and our invited speaker Prof. Rui Kamada for accepting our invitation. On behalf of my team, I would also like to show my gratitude in a very special way toward the immeasurable roles of Sakurako Narita (IGP staff) and Prof. Tomoyasu Aizawa for a successful 8th International Life Science Symposium.


Masahiro Yoshida

8th IGP-ILSS Chairperson