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IGP 2020 Publications Award (Transdisciplinary Life Science Course /Division of Soft Matter)

(posted on February 22nd, 2021)

IGP Committee awarded IGP Publications Award to the first-authored excellent paper published in 2020. Seven papers below won the award.


Akari Yamauchi

“An Ice-Binding Protein from an Antarctic Ascomycete Is Fine-Tuned to Bind to Specific Water Molecules Located in the Ice Prism Planes” published in Biomolecules


Hajime Wakui

“A straightforward approach to antibodies recognising cancer specific glycopeptidic neoepitopes” published in Chemical Science


Anh Thi Tram Tu

“Monomeric G-Quadruplex-Based CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides as Potent Toll-Like Receptor 9 Agonists” published in Biomacromolecules


Pablo A. Guillen-Poza

“Amplified Detection of Breast Cancer Autoantibodies Using MUC1-Based Tn Antigen Mimics” published in J. Med. Chem.


Yasuhiro Yokoi

“Effect of SiteSpecific OGlycosylation on the Structural Behavior of NOTCH1 Receptor Extracellular EGFlike Domains 11 and 10” published in Chemistry – A European Journal


Kazuki Fukao

“Effect of Relative Strength of Two Networks on the Internal Fracture Process of Double Network Hydrogels As Revealed by in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering” published in Macromolecules


Wei Cui

“FiberReinforced Viscoelastomers Show Extraordinary Crack Resistance That Exceeds Metals” published in Advanced Materials Communication