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The report of the 7th-ILSS from the Chairperson

(posted on January 10th, 2020)

The International Life Science Symposium (ILSS) organized by the doctoral students of Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University attracts researchers and students from different areas of study yearly since its inception. The academic meeting has given young scientists the opportunity to develop strong international communication skills as well as network for future multidisciplinary collaborations while presenting their research.


The 7th ILSS wasn’t an exception as researchers and young scientists specializing in diverse fields of research graced this 7th symposium. It was organized by the doctoral students of the International Graduate Program (IGP), Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University with the support of Hokkaido University IGP and the Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education (GI-CoRE) and held on November 1st 2019 at the Hokkaido University conference hall. As a preparatory ground for young scientists, we hoped that the symposium would help the young participants in their careers and enable them to develop essential skills for future engagements in an international environment.


I am glad the symposium gave young researchers the chance to present their work to an international audience, helped them to sharpen their communication skills and have prepared them for the future. There were about 120 participants including 63 international students and about 26 newly invited international students. This year, we were privileged to have Associate Prof. Makito Miyazaki from Kyoto University as the invited speaker for his lecture on the actin cytoskeleton dynamics in a cell-sized confined space. He presented about actomyosin dynamics observed in artificial cells and discussed on how cytoskeleton proteins sense huge cellular boundaries and regulate various biological functions such as intracellular positioning, cell division and motility. The participants were able to learn his research findings and learn the ropes for a successful career.


There were 16 oral and 30 poster presentations in English language by the young researchers. Awards for the best oral presentations were given to outstanding young researchers in order to value their research progress and encourage them to keep doing their best in the future. The recipients were Hao Gu, Mahmoud Abubakr Ahmed Younis, Nour Md Mofiz Uddin Khan and Masato Ishizaka. The symposium ended with reception party where the newly admitted students of IGP were welcomed. The ILSS promises to be a perfect opportunity and preparatory ground for young researchers to present their researches, network and develop skills essential for the future. I therefore encourage young researchers to avail themselves of this great opportunity to participate actively in subsequent symposia.


I would like to thank the organizers (IGP doctoral students) for the good job, the young researchers for their active participation and our invited speaker Prof. Makito Miyazaki for accepting our invitation. On behalf of my team, I would like to appreciate in a very special way the immeasurable roles of Sakurako Narita (IGP staff) and Prof. Tomoyasu Aizawa for a successful 7th International Life Science Symposium.


Thank you.


Mba Joshua Chidiebere
7th IGP-ILSS Chairperson