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Welcome to the
Laboratory of Soft & Wet Matter

LSW at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan ~ We belong to here

We are trying to uncover key design principles that Nature uses to build living things.

See What's New in LSW

Prof. Gong delivers an invited talk at Biohydrogels 2021.

Prof. Gong and Dr. King deliver invited talks at the Spring ACS 2021 National Meeting.

Division of Soft Matter, Graduate School of Life Science, Online Information Session will be hosted by the division's exam committee. For details, please visit the division website.

Prof. Gong delivers an invited talk at Polymer Physics/Physical Chemistry Webinar for 10th Anniversary Series of ACS Macro Letters.

Mr. Wei Cui's first-authored paper ""Fiber‐Reinforced Viscoelastomers Show Extraordinary Crack Resistance That Exceeds Metals" published on Advanced Materials and Mr. Kazuki Fukao's first-authored paper " Effect of Relative Strength of Two Networks on the Internal Fracture Process of Double Network Hydrogels As Revealed by in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering" published on Macromolecules won the IGP 2020 Publications Award.

LSW hosts a "JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships Foreign Researchers Program" visiting research fellow, Dr. Miléna Lama from Sorbonne University, France.

One of our articles "Fiber‐Reinforced Viscoelastomers Show Extraordinary Crack Resistance That Exceeds Metals" has been highlighted in Advanced Materials's Virtual Issue "Women in Materials Science" as an outstanding work within Materials Science created under the lead of a female principal investigator.

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