Hokkaido University Faculty of Advanced Life Science Lab of Soft & Wet Matter (LSW)
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Welcome to the
Laboratory of Soft & Wet Matter

LSW at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan ~ We belong to here

We are trying to uncover key design principles that Nature uses to build living things.

See What's New in LSW

Prof. Gong delivers a plenary lecture at the 7th Asian Symposium on Advanced Materials (ASAM-7), Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Beijing, China.

LSW hosts Mr. Vincent van der Doef, Master's student at Vageningen University, The Netherlands, for 6 months this fall.

Dr. Takahiro Matsuda has won the "Polymer Chemistry Poster Prize " at MechanoChemBio 2019 for his presentation "TMechano-induced network remodelling of a hydrogel via mechanoradical polymerization."

Hokkaido University WPI-ICReDD hosts an exhibition booth at the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) 2019 held in Lausanne, Switzerland. LSW offers gel samples and a movie on our gels (available on YouTube). Check out what it was like on the Hokkaido University twitter account.

Our paper "Fabrication of Tough and Stretchable Hybrid Double-Network Elastomers Using Ionic Dissociation of Polyelectrolyte in Nonaqueous Media" has been selected as a Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles for the previous 30 days on Chemistry of Materials.